Computer Services to home users and business in Leeds since 2009

I provide a professional, friendly, comprehensive range of services to home users and business in and around the Leeds area. ~ Andy Sunderland - PC Help Local

  •  Home Assistance
  •  Virus Removal
  •  WiFi Troubleshooting
  •  Laptop Repairs
  •  Tuition
  •  Networking
  •  Data Backup
  •  Printer Troublshooting


Here is a detailed breakdown of services offered to help you decide what might be appropriate for you. If you are unsure what you require please call or email me to discuss the nature of your problem.

There are two main categories of service. Fixed price services, such as Windows reinstall and those that are charged by time like tuition and home assistance. Fixed price jobs are carried out off site as some of the repair processes take a number of hours to complete, making them too expensive to carry out on site.

Less time consuming jobs are carried out on site such as solving some simple computer problems, troubleshooting an internet connection or setting up a new printer. On site services (home assistance and tuition) are currently charged at £20 for the first half hour and £10 for every half hour thereafter. For example:

Home assistance or tuition for home users

  • First half hour = £20
  • Every half hour thereafter = £10

Onsite assistance for business

  • £30 per hour

Full service - Tune-up

Over time most computers can become slow, develop errors and acquire viruses, spyware or other malware infections. The maintenance procedures carried out also help prevent future problems with your computer. The full service / tune -up includes the following:

Home assistance or tuition for home users

  • Disk error correction
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Registry repair
  • Junk program removal
  • Optimise for performance
  • Junk data removal
  • Hard disk health check
  • Memory test

This is a fixed price service, carried out off site for £45. This includes collection, return and setup of your PC/ laptop afterwards.

Windows Reinstall

For computers that are particularly badly corrupted or infected a full Windows reinstall may be required. This involves wiping everything from the computer and installing everything from scratch.

This assures that there are no software errors or virus infections making the computer run as it did when new, possibly even faster! This is also a fixed price job that is carried out off-site due to the amount of time required to complete. Most people find the full reinstall and restoration option most appropriate as it means there is need fore the user to setup anything or install programs as everything is taken care of. The full reinstall and restoration service includes the following:

Windows reinstall and data and program restoration = £65

  • Backup of data
  • Windows install
  • Windows updated
  • Data restoration
  • Programs reinstall
  • Printer setup

Other pricing options are available should you not require everything included above.